Australian Consulate-General
New York CG, United States of America
Consulate-General address: 150 East 42nd Street, 34th Floor, New York - Telephone: 212 351 6500 - Fax: 212 351 6501

Australian Consulate-General Passport Information

Applying for an Australian Passport
How to lodge an application in New York
Emergency Passports

New York Australian Passport Office walk-in service times:
Monday to Thursday 09:30 - 15:30

Scheduled appointments are NO LONGER required and will not be offered as of March 2013.

Please Note: The Consulate is closed for some public holidays.

Please ensure Australian date format (DD/MM/YYYY) is used on all passport application forms. Applications with incorrect date formats or corrected dates will not be accepted.

Incomplete applications, incorrectly completed applications and applications missing supporting documentation cannot be accepted and will require re-lodgement either by mail or in person (depending on lodgment requirements). This applies to all applicants, including those that live considerable distances from the Consulate-General in Manhattan, New York.

Requirements for passport applications are set out in the Australian Passports Act 2005. Consulate staff do not have the discretion or capacity to vary these requirements.

The Passports Office strongly recommends that the instructions that accompany application forms be carefully read and applicants with any questions are encouraged to contact the New York Australian Passports Office on (212) 351 6500.

Applying for an Australian Passport

How to lodge an application in New York

Most applications must be lodged in person at your nearest Australian Passport Office. However, some clients are eligible to lodge by mail if they are renewing their passport. Please check the table below to see if you qualify for a mail application.

First Child Passport

Must lodge in person  - One parent or person with parental responsibility for the child must lodge in person. the child is not required to attend the interview. it does not matter if the lodging parent is Australian or non-Australian.

First Adult Passport

Must lodge in person - This applies even if you previously held a passport as a child.

Child renewal

Lodge my mail or in person  - If you are renewing a passport for a child who is still under 18 years of age, and that passport had an original validity of two years or more.

Adult Renewal

Lodge by mail or in person - If you are renewing a passport that was issued after 20/08/1986 with an original validity of two or more years. It does not matter if your passport is expired.

Note: If your previous passport was issued to you as a child, you must lodge in person.

Replacement of passport issued before 20/08/86

Must lodge in person

Replacement of emergency passport or other limited validity document

Must lodge in person

First passport since obtaining or resuming Australian citzenship

Must lodge in person

 Emergency Passports

Reporting a stolen or lost passport

Urgent need to travel